Below you will find links to videos about ways in which the Alexander Technique can help musicians.  For more information on this topic visit: Musicians and the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique – Musician’s Method for Improvement – Excellent video filmed primarily at the Juilliard School with Alexander Technique Teacher Lori Schiff:

San Diego Alexander Technique teacher Eileen Troberman working with musicians:

A pianist talks about his Alexander Technique experiences:

A violinist having a short Alexander Technique lesson (French, with English sub-titles)

Master Alexander Technique teacher Marjorie BarstowWorking with Musicians

Michael Frederick talks about Preventing Music Performance Injuries and Tension

Violinist in Balance – Effects of changes in chin and shoulder rests and Alexander Technique lessons on playing technique

Short video about the Alexander Technique’s usefulness for musicians produced for the Boston Conservatory of Music.

Two short videos showing an Alexander Technique teacher working with musicians (the students are Japanese and the teacher speaks only English using a translater): Video 1  Video 2

A singer and singing teacher talks about her experience with the Technique

John Henes talks about the Alexander Technique and playing the trumpet