Below you will find links to useful introductions to the Alexander Technique.  For more information about the Technique visit: What is the Alexander Technique?

Watch a 3 minute introductory video explanation of the Technique by Marjorie Barstow:

or a somewhat longer version by her. The full 25 minute video can be seen here A growing collection of other videos showing her teaching can be seen here.

One minute Alexander Technique introduction by Joanie Mercer:

A new Alexander Technique student describes her first Alexander lesson:


Short introductory video by Brett Hershey:

Demonstration of Constructive Rest, an important aspect of the Alexander Technique, by Nikki Brin:

Another very short introductory video:

View or download a very short video by Judith Stern, PT about the uses of the Technique

Short introductory video, showing how the Alexander Technique can help people in a variety of activities, produced by Angela Bradshaw

View or download a 10 minute introductory video produced by the British Medical Journal in 2008 as part of a major study showing the effictiveness of the Alexander Technique in alleviating back pain:

Five very nice short introductory videos:
One minute Alexander Technique introduction by Susanna Scouller: View
Lisa Lutton explains the Technique: View
A short introduction by the American Center for the Alexander Technique: View
A short introduction from ABC News: View
Another short introduction from ABC News: View
A very short animated video produced by the American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique: View

2 1/2 minute video description of what happens during an Alexander Technique lesson: View

The Alexander Technique – Excellent 20 minute introduction to the Technique produced by Fred Lacy  French Version

Free! – A Song About the Alexander Technique – The first country song about the Technique!

Short video with with English audio and French sub-titles: View

Experience Speaks for the Alexander Technique – Another very nice video about the Technique

Short introductory video by Matt Pressman, an Alexander Technique teacher in Delray Beach, Florida

One minute description by Sussana Scouller, an Alexander Technique teacher in London, England

In depth video interview with John Baron, an Alexander Technique teacher in the San Francisco area

Lateef breaks free to learn Alexander Technique is a short introduction to the Alexander Technique featuring Belinda Mello, an Alexander teacher in Brooklyn, New York

Sharon Jakubecy, an Alexander Technique teacher in Los Angeles, has produced a series of 5 short videos about her practice, and the Technique: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Alexander Technique demonstration at the Mayo Clinic – Short video

Two short introductory videos in French with English sub-titles: First Video (Second video coming soon)

Short German video about the Alexander Technique