Below you will find links to videos that can be helpful to Alexander Technique students.  For more information on this topic visit Alexander Technique Self Study.

Lessons in Self Direction – Using the Principles of the Alexander Technique provides information about how you can use Alexander directions to bring greater ease into your life.

Posture Awareness with the Alexander Technique provides a nice introduction to the Alexander “lying down” process, a powerful self-help tool:

Using Posture Release Imagery by Alexander Technique Teacher John Appleton (where you can learn much more about his work):

Using Optical Illusion to reduce pain and tension while improving strength and coordination – Simple, powerful self-help process which may be indirectly inspired by F. Matthias Alexander’s self-discovery process and certainly can be useful for Alexander Technique students.

San Diego teacher Eileen Troberman has produced several short videos that can be useful for someone studying the Alexander Technique on their own.  They can be seen here.